Following Services are offered: If you like any of my photographs & would like a print of it, I can customise for you the prints in any size, frames , border (with or without), Mounts as well & shipped to any location **. Typically the following sizes for Prints are available:- - 8 * 12 - 12 * 18 - 16 * 24 - 20 * 30 - 24 * 36 - 30 * 40 - 36 * 48 & Many more... All of the above sizes are printed on the best quality Archival Print Quality Paper *** Media used for printing can be Archival Print Papers, Wrap Around Canvas, Enhanced Matte, Premium Luster Photo Papers, Textured Fine Art Papers etc. ** - Shipping charges and delivery can vary depending on quantity & location for delivery (ex Bangalore) plus if expedited vs normal shipping etc. *** - Archival Print Quality papers are normally used in Exhibition prints and they are top quality paper with a guarantee of 40 years without any issues. On these prints when framed, its all exclusive of Glass charges on the print (we don't recommend Glass on top of the prints).

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